Viewing Stocks

Symbol Lookup & Search
Besides tracking your portfolios, mPortoflio can be used to perform basic stock searches and lookups.  If you know the stock ticker symbol enter it into the symbol field and click the lookup button.   A keyboard shortcut exists so that you don't need to press the lookup button.   Simply enter the symbol and press command-enter.

If you don't know the ticker symbol, type the name of the company in the symbol lookup field.   As you type, mPortfolio will search for and return matches.  You can select the appropriate match and press enter to have the symbol "looked up" and automatically entered into the symbol field. 

Once a search or lookup has been performed, the stock results will be shown.   Additionally, the RSS news feed and stock charts will also be loaded.   

mPortfolio keeps track of recent stocks that you have searched for.  These are shown in the upper right portion of the screen.   As you perform lookups, these will be updated automatically and you will see the seven most recent lookups.

Additionally, you can select to have seven market summary quotes/indexes shown on the main screen.  See Preferences for information on how to configure these market summary quotes.

As you perform lookups, mPortfolio fetches news articles pertaining the to stock.  This information is shown on the lower portion of the screen.  Here you will find the article title, a brief article summary and how long ago the article was published.   You will notice that some articles may not have a brief description.

To get additional information for an article, simply click on the title and mPortfolio will launch your web browser and return the full article.