Setting Preferences

General Settings
These preferences allow you to change how the application displays information.   You can set the format for currency and other numbers as well as determine what should be shown in different views.  In addition, you have control over the following:

Auto Quote Refresh - sets the interval at which mPortfolio goes out to Yahoo! to update the stock displayed on the main form and refreshes the market summary and recent quotes.

Auto Portfolio Refresh - sets the interval at which mPortfolio goes out to Yahoo! to update the stock prices that are on portfolios and update the portfolio values.

Refresh Portfolios at Startup - tells mPortfolio to refresh all prices once the application is started.

Include Fully Sold Stocks in Performance View - Once you have completely sold all positions in a stock, you can elect to have it shown or hidden in the performance view by setting this option.

You can set the columns that are displayed in each of the portfolio views as well as the order of the columns.  Use the drop down box at the top of the Column Preference screen shown below to set the type of view that you wish to modify and then check / uncheck the column to have it shown or hidden on the form.   You can drag a column to a new position to reorder it on the form.

This preference screen allows you to alter settings for the charts that are shown.   Most of these are pretty clear as to their function other than the "Adjust Price Data for Splits and Dividends".    Changing this setting will alter the prices that are shown in the price history table.   Yahoo! provides "actual" close price and an "adjusted" close price that accounts for splits and dividends.  Setting this option will adjust the other prices shown in the table (open, high and low) similar to the adjusted close.

The market preferences allow you to select the market summary quotes that you wish to see on the main screen.  You can select 7 of these quotes.

You should never need to change these settings.  They have been added to the preferences in the chance that Yahoo! makes changes to some of their data feed URLs.  If this occurs, the new feed url can be entered on this form so that mPortfolio can continue to fetch data.

You will be instructed via the Meg Software website to make changes if this occurs.

These are some advance options that will not be used by the average user of the application.  The form does a good job of describing each of these functions and when and how they should be used.