Charting & Price History

The lower portion of the main screen provides you additional details about a stock that you have performed a lookup on.    There are two types of charts that are provided as well as access to the data that the main chart is based on.

The chart toggle bar shown above allows you to switch between charting and price data views.   Clicking on this toggle will display the corresponding information in the lower right portion of the main screen.

The main chart provides details about the stock that you most recently did a lookup on.  You have the ability to select between different time periods as well as change the type of chart that is being shown.   

if you right click on the chart, you will get the popup menu that is shown in the screen view above.   Alternatively, these options are available on the main menu bar for the mPortfolio application.

There are additional configuration settings that you can set for the chart in the Preference screen.   See the help on preferences for more information.

The price history shows you the data that the main chart is based on.  This allows you to get more granular in price history for a given time period.

In additional to the main chart, mPortfoio downloads the charts that Yahoo! provides.   LIke the main chart, you can right click to change the time period that is being shown.