Application Overview

Welcome and thank you for your purchase!
mPortfolio has been designed for you to quickly and easily keep track of your investments.  You can create multiple portfolios and each can have an unlimited number of assets.   Portfolios are created by buying, selling and recording dividends for stocks.   As you perform these functions, the value of your portfolio updates automatically as the stock prices change.

mPortfolio uses the term "stock" to refer to a number of different asset types.   Stocks can be shares in a company, mutual funds, ETFs, etc...   Portfolios are a collection of these different types of "stocks".

mPortfolio has been designed with a cashless portfolio format.  This means:
  • You don't start trading with a cash account that gets reduced when you purchase and increased when you sell.    We assume that you can keep track of your cash and don't need us to track this for you.   
  • A portfolio records all of your transactions and stocks remain on the performance view even after you have sold them.    For example:   If you purchase 100 shares of AAPL and then sell them sometime later, the portfolio will have two transactions.  One for the buy of 100 shares and another for the sale.  The portfolio will "lock-in" a gain or a loss based on this set of transactions and the corresponding purchase and sales prices.   The performance view will retain a reference to "AAPL" and you will be reminded of how well or poor this trade was.  Of course, you have the option of removing a stock if you like.
In addition to managing portfolios, the application provides you with basic stock search and display functionality.   These features may not fit the needs of hard-core traders, but should fit perfectly the needs of casual investors.

The main screen has been designed with 3 general display areas that provide you access to stock information.  These areas are:
  • Stock Summary - the top third of the screen gives you access to summary information about a given stock.  This includes stocks that you have recently reviewed as well as general market performance.
  • Investment Performance - The middle section of the screen is where you find the portfolios that you have created.   You can toggle between different views to get snapshots of your performance.
  • Stock Details - the lower third of the screen provides detail RSS feeds and charting about a selected stock.

Window Sizing
You have complete control over the sizing of the window and each of the display areas on the screen.   We have designed mPortfolio to allow you to control how much of each area you wish to view.

To make changes, simple grab the frame handles and drag to size.  You can make a given area take the entire window or collapse completely.
As you use the program, you will notice messages appear on the status bar.
  • Left Status Bar - on the left side of the status bar you will see updates about when the last time the portfolios were refreshed with new prices.  You will also visually see an indicator as the updates are being made.
  • Center Status Bar - If there is something you should know about when lookups are being performed or an error occurs, you will see a message in the center of the status bar.   These show up when you are offline or don't have an internet connection.  You may also see a message if a stock you searched for was not found (i.e. invalid ticker).
  • Right Status Bar - on the right side of the status bar, you will see an indicator if you are using the "free limited version" of mPortfolio.