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Application Walkthrough

mTicker is a pretty simple application and you'll find that you are up and running very quickly.   The information below will help you get started with the software. 

OCT 2014:  We are very excited to announce the release of v1.7 of mTicker. This will be a free upgrade for previous owners. Updates in this version include the following great features:
  • Pullout Detail Pane - we now provide the ability to get quick access to symbol details, charts and company news on the same panel showing your stocks.  Simply pull open the pane by grabbing on the pane drag handle and slide to the left to open it.   Slide it back to the right to close.
  • Added the frequently requested "Total Return" column in the list of stocks.  Useful for seeing the total return on a stock that you have a "Position" in.
  • You can now customize the font sizes on the stock listing.  Use the new preference setting on the Action popup menu.
  • The main pane is now un-dockable.  Click on the dock/undock icon in the upper right corner of the main panel.  This will create a standard mac window that you can move around your screen.  Click the icon again to re-dock the panel.
  • Minor bug fixes i the stock lookup code.
  • Minor bug fixes to support Yosemite.
JAN 2014:  More great features with our release of v1.6 of mTicker.    This is a free upgrade for previous owners.  Updates in this version include the following great features:
  • iCloud Support - setup your symbols and alerts on one computer and have them automatically replicated to all other computers that you are running mTicker on..
  • Enhancements to Positions including Multi-Currency.  This allows you to add stocks from across multiple exchanges and currencies and have mTicker calculate your investment returns in a single currency of your choice.
NOV 2013:  We are proud to announce the release of v1.5 of mTicker.    For those of you that own V1.0, this will be a free upgrade.    We have added a number of great features that really make this App stand out among other "Ticker" apps in the App Store.   Included are:
  • More detailed charting options including symbol comparison.
  • Symbol Tagging and Filtering to allow you to better manage the symbols on your popup Panel.
  • Positions will allow you to specify your cost basis and shares owned and mTicker will show your daily and goal gains/losses.
  • Additional screen customizations including column ordering and column selection.   Customize things how you want to see them!
  • Ticker Selection - select only those symbols you want shown in the ticker.
  • Hotkey support to quickly open the panel.
  • Resizable windows that remember their size for the next time you open them.

Main Window

Main Window
As you can see in the screen to the left, mTicker supports a multiple window model. Each window can be interacted with separately and you can open and close them as you need.   These window originate from the main Popup Panel that appears when you press the Hot Key or click on the ticker in the menu bar. 

Popup Panel

Popup Panel
This is the heart of the program.   The popup panel can be opened via a hot key (default is 'Command-Shift-S' ) and gives a quick visual of performance.    The ticker above the panel rotates through these stock.

Right Click Popup - You can access the symbol popup menu by right clicking on any of the rows in the table.   This menu will allow you to access other features.

Action Popup - click on the action menu to configure the program and control settings.  

Add Symbol - To add a new symbol, type the symbol or name in the search box at the bottom of the screen.  Pick the one that you want.

Multi-Currency - To turn on/off multi-currency, click the currency icon and change the toggle.

Cloud Synchronization - To turn on/off cloud sync, click the cloud icon and change the toggle.  If the icon is red, you must first make sure that your iCloud account is active and that you are signed in.    Once you turn on Cloud Sync, follow the instructions on the screen.

Launch mPortfolio - for those customers using our mPortfolio application, click the icon will launch the software.

Anchor - the icon in the upper right corner of the panel allows you to Anchor the panel.   This keeps it from closing.   Click to turn on / click to turn off.

Column Selection - right click on the column headings for a popup menu that allows you to pick only the columns you want to have visible.

Clicking on stocks in this list shows you the late trade date and after hours quotes if applicable.

Pull out Pane

Detail Pane View
Pull out a detail pane from the right side of the screen to view additional details on the stock as well as charts and news...

Dockable/Undockable Panel
You can now toggle between a docked panel that is attached to the menu bar or a free floating standard mac window.  Click on the dock/undock icon in the upper right corder of the panel to toggle this option.

If you are a casual trader, you'll love the positions feature.   You tell mTicker the cost basis at which you entered a position and the shares that you own and it will show you how your investment is doing.    See the screen shot to the left for an example of how this appears. 

To create a new position, right click on the symbol you have a position in and select the 'Positions...' menu option.   Enter the cost basis and the shares you own and click save.

Column Selection & Tags
Column Selection & Tags
You can determine which columns are shown in the popup panel by right clicking on the column headers above the table.   You will be shown the popup menu as seen to the left and you can check and uncheck the columns to be shown.

Tagging - mTicker also supports tagging on each of the symbols that you add.   Right click on the row for the symbol that you wish to tag and select "New Tag...".  Enter the new tag and click save.   if a tag already exists, use the "Tag with" menu option.

Tag Filtering - After you have setup your tags, you can filter which symbols are shown.   You'll find this handy once you start getting a good deal of symbols in the popup Panel.   Filtering helps you keep these manageable.   Note that when you are filtering, not only do you limit the shown symbols, you also impact the symbols that rotate in the ticker.

To pick a tag to filter on, right click on the table and select  "Filter on Tag".  Pick the tag you want to use.   The filter will be in effect until you pick another or select the right click option "Clear Filter".

Chart Window
From the Popup Panel, right click on a symbol and choose 'Detail & Charts...' or double click on a row in the list to open the charting window.

Options Drop Down - the drop down symbol in the lower left corner of the chart window will open and close the options drawer at the bottom of the screen.   From here you can configure chart options and pick stocks to perform comparisons.

After making changes to the options, press the refresh button to update the chart.

You can right click on the chart to get a popup window and use the timeframe buttons at the bottom of the screen to change the chart view.

Press Escape to close the screen.


Alerts Window
From the Popup Panel, right click on a symbol and choose 'Alerts...' or press the 'Command-L' shortcut to open the alerts window.

Press 'New...' to add a new alert.  'Delete' can be used to remove an existing alert.

Alerts can be set to fire for all symbols in your Popup Panel or for a selected symbol.   You can also set if the alert is to fire a single time or recur again.

The Alert History tab can be used to see alerts that have fired.  The clear button will erase the history.

Notifications - mTicker users Notifications to display alerts that fire.  You can configure this in the 'Action' Menu on the Popup Panel.