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mInvoice - In App Purchases

mInvoice makes available a single In App Purchase.  This is our custom reporting model.  While this may not be necessary for a good portion of mInvoice users, it's available if you find that you need to customize any of our standard reports or create your own reports.  Below outlines how In App Purchasing works within mInvoice.

Additional online help can be found below

In App Purchases

If you find the need to make changes to the standard mInvoice reports or if you decide that you would like to create your own reports, you can purchase our optional Custom Reporting Feature.  The purchase process is similar to any other App in the App store and works as follows:

On the Action Bar you will notice a button titled "In App Purchases".  Pressing this button will bring up the In App Purchases screen show below.
If you have not already purchased this feature, you simply click on the "Buy Now" button and following the App Store prompts.  Apple takes over the purchase process and you will be asked to confirm that you want to make this purchase.  Once complete, mInvoice will notify you that your purchase was successful and will immediately enable the custom reporting feature.  See Custom Reporting for online help.

If you purchased this feature on another computer or have had to re-install the mInvoice App for some reason, you can restore your purchase and unlock the feature on this computer.  Click "Restore Purchases" and follow the App Store Prompts.