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Conducting Rides
A ride is a workout. You can conduct a new ride in a couple of different ways in mPaceline. The one you choose depends on the equipment that you have and your personal preferences.

The first option is to utilize our Apple Watch App. This requires that you have an Apple Watch and that you have installed the mPaceline Companion Watch App on it. The second is to pair a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to your iPhone and utilize the mPaceline iPhone app to record the workout. Obviously, the Watch App is a very light weight device and you may find it’s easier to utilize than having the App available and on during the ride. On the other hand, some prefer the larger display on the phone and prefer to utilize it along with a chest or arm based HR monitor. The choice is up to you. mPaceline supports both methods equally well.

Apple Watch

Installing the Watch App

Installing mPaceline on your Apple Watch is the same as any other Watch Application. Go to the Watch App on your iPhone and click on the "My Watch" tab at the bottom of the screen. Scroll down until you see the mPaceline entry. If you click on this you will be shown a screen that will allow you to toggle the installation of the mPaceline App. Click on the slider and mPaceline Will install.

Running the Watch App

Navigate to the Application on your Watch and click on the mPaceline Icon. You’ll see the main screen with the “Let’s Ride” button. 

This is the main screen. Simply press the Let’s Ride button and your Ride will begin

When a Ride is active, you see your current heart rate and calories burned in the circle. You see the zone that you are in spelled out and a graphic representation of which zone you are in by the colored circle. 

You will also see your maximum and average HR as red and orange indicators along the ring graph.

In the lower left corner of the display there are two indicators.  The first shows that you are currently streaming from the watch to the iPhone. The second indicates that you are using the mPaceline calorie calculation instead of the default Watch calculation.

 If you ‘deep press’ on the Ride screen, you get a popup of actions. These are:
  • Pause / Resume 
  • End and Discard Ride 
  • End and Save Ride 
  • Continue – back to Ride screen

When you choose “End and Save” from the popup, you will be shown a series of screens that let you capture the mPaceline “Additional Data”. 

Turn the digital crown to select the value and then tap next ">".  You can go back to a previous screen by tapping the previous button "<".

You will be asked to select values for the following fields:  

  • Instructor
  • Ride Type
  • Total Output
  • Average Output
  • Average Cadence
  • Average Resistance
  • Active Calories

Once you reach the last field, the next button becomes Save. Press it and your Ride will be complete. All data will be transferred to your phone for importing.

Note each of the fields that you are prompted to enter will default from the values from your last ride.  You can override them by turning the digital crown.

Watch Settings and Options

There are a handful of options that you can set for your Apple Watch App. These are available in the settings section in the mPaceline App. These are as follows:
  • Extra Data on Ride Completion - the 'Extra Data on Ride Completion' on or off to set whether or not the watch App should prompt you for additional workout data upon completion of a ride. We recommend that you leave this on and enter the extra data on the Watch as this action records the data to Health Kit. 
  • Use mPaceline Calorie Formula - can choose between using the mPaceline calorie burned calculation or the standard one for the Apple Watch. We tend to find that our calculation is closer to what you will see on your Peloton Bike. 
  • mPaceline Calorie Formula Adjustment - you find that our formula doesn't accurately represent the calories that you see on the bike, you an tweak it up or down by using this setting. The adjustment can range from 0 or no adjustment to positive or negative 25% 
Ride Streaming

When conducting a heart rate based ride, it’s important that you have constant visuals of where your heart rate is at all times. You can accomplish this with the mPaceline Watch App, but sometimes it’s nice to have a larger visual of your performance.

Ride streaming sends ride updates from your Apple Watch to your iPhone. This allows you to see live data on the iPhone display. To use this feature, first begin a ride on your watch. After the ride has started, tap on the ‘Connect’ button on your Ride Streaming display to start the streaming.

Note that ride streaming puts additional demand on your watch and can have an impact on battery life.

Bluetooth Monitor

This ride option will allow you to create a new ride utilizing a Bluetooth connected HR Monitor. The HR Monitor needs to be setup in the Settings screen prior to starting a ride. The status on the screen will let you know if your HR Monitor is working. You should see your heart rate changing assuming that you are wearing the Monitor.

Connecting the Monitor

mPaceline has been tested with a number of Bluetooth HR Monitors. We recommend either the Scosche Rhythm, Polar H7 or Wahoo TICKR.

Connecting a HR Monitor

To connect a HR monitor, go to the Settings Page and scroll down until you see ‘Heart Rate Monitors’. Tap on the Bluetooth option to open the setup screen. Now select the Monitor slider. mPaceline will search for HR Monitors in range of your phone and show them to you in a list. Simply click the one that you want to connect and you should see it updating your HR with actual values. ( Assuming you are wearing it

Please note that a HR Monitor can only be connected to one device at a time. If you are not seeing your Monitor, please check other devices and make sure that it is not already connected. Turning off Bluetooth on other devices can help you troubleshoot a connection problem.

Starting a Ride

To start a new ride, open the ‘New Ride’ screen by clicking on the ‘Ride’ icon at the top of the Home Page. Next click on the 'Let's Ride' button. Your ride will begin immediately. If you have used the mPaceline Watch App, the visuals on the screen will be familiar to you.


At the top of the New Ride screen you will see the minutes and seconds that have elapsed in the ride. To the right of this, the ring graph will show your instant HR information and calories burned. The ring will graph your current HR and show which zone that you are in. The dots that appear represent your maximum and average HR. Clicking on the graph will toggle between HR BPM and Intensity. Below the ring graph you will see your HR charted over time. This includes a line graph and bar graph. The bar graph represents the amount of time that you have spent in each zone.

When you have completed your Ride, click the 'End' button and then select the 'End and Save' option. You will be presented with an additional screen that will allow you to complete extra ride data for the App. Fill in the fields and click 'Save'. Your ride will be immediately added to the Rides list."

Bluetooth Monitor Settings and Options
  • HR Sample Frequency - You can specify the interval in seconds that mPaceline will capture heart rate data from the Bluetooth monitor. We recommend a value of 3 seconds. Shorter that this will result in more accurate data but will cause the heart rate graphs to load a little slower. 
  • mPaceline Calorie Formula Adjustment - If you find that our formula doesn't accurately represent the calories that you see on the bike, you can tweak it up or down by using this setting. The adjustment can range from 0 or no adjustment to positive or negative 25%.