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Peloton Ride History
This section is only relevant to mPaceline users that are Peloton Bike owners. If you are interested in learning more about Peloton Cycle, visit them at

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As you have now realized, a key feature of mPaceline is that it provides a mechanism for you to capture additional ride data and use this data to highlight your performance over time. This allows you to monitor your progress and demonstrate to yourself that you are improving and taking steps towards your goals.

When you conduct a Ride in mPaceline (either via. the Watch App or a Bluetooth connected HR Monitor), we automatically record your HR data, active calories burned and create a ride with this information. When the ride concludes, we also give you the opportunity to tell us more about your ride. This additional data is manually keyed by you. We have tried to make this seamless and easy.

Peloton provides a download file of all of your historic ride data and mPaceline can access this data and match it against rides that you have taken. This can be used to updates rides that you did before installing mPaceline or to refresh rides that you did with mPaceline but skipped the additional data step.

We recommend that you get in the habit of recording the additional data at the conclusion of your ride as having it at this time allows it to be written to Apple’s Health Kit database. This way if your mPaceline data was lost for some reason, you could simply re-import the rides and you are back. Note that this could also apply to re-downloading the data from Peloton, but since we can’t guarantee that they will continue to provide this download, this has some risks associated to it. It’s your call on how you handle this.

Note that the process of updating rides from the Peloton History file is a manual step that you must initiate. At this time, there is no way to automate this when a ride is completed in mPaceline. We have looked into this and would love do it this way, but Peloton doesn’t provide the mechanism at this time.

mPaceline provides a couple different way for you to download and load the Peloton ride history data.

Authenticated Download

The authenticated download make the process of getting the ride history file into mPaceline pretty straightforward, but will require a little setup on your part.

On the Settings screen under ‘Load Peloton Ride History, you will see a field that you can enter your Peloton User ID. This is not your Rider Name, but a 32-character key created by Peloton when you registered your account. You can find this key on the Setting screen under ‘My Account’.

We have a write-up on the FAQ help section for mPaceline that details how to get this Peloton User ID.

After you have entered the Peloton User ID, press the Login button below the field. This will open Safari on your iPhone and you will be prompted to login to your Peloton account. After you login, you should be prompted by Safari to save the login credentials. Please do this so that next time Safari is launched it will login automatically.

To check that everything was done correctly, go back to mPaceline and tap on the ‘Load History’ button. Safari will be launched once again and it should show you your Ride History. This data will be shown to you in a tabular form. It won’t automatically be loaded into mPaceline, there is one more step that you need to take to get it to mPaceline.

At the top of the data table in Safari will be a linked titled ‘More…’. If you tap on this you will be given the option to “Import using mPaceline” and tapping this will start the Load…. Note that the ‘More..’ link will disappear after a few seconds and you can get it back by simply tapping once on the Peloton data in Safari. After tapping on the ‘More…’ link, you may also have to scroll the list of import options until you see the ‘Import using mPaceline’ option.

At this point you should be taken back to mPaceline and you will see the ‘Load Peloton Ride History’ screen discussed below…

NOTE - Once the above setup steps are done, you should be able to just tap on the ‘Load History’ button to do subsequent Peloton Ride History loads. You may be required to re-login every so often as Safari may not keep your login and password in its cookie cache forever. If you get a login error when you tap the ‘Load History’ button, simply re-login and try again.

Manual Download

If you prefer not to provide your peloton credentials to mPaceline, you can still update your rides, you just need to do it manually.

If you go to you can access your Peloton account. You will be prompted to log in if you haven’t already done so. Once you log in, you will be shown your ride history. At the top of the ride history is a link to download ride details. Clicking on this link downloads a Comma Separated (CSV) file of data about all of your Peloton rides.

Note that this download link does not work on an iPhone and we recommend that you use a computer to download this file.

Once the ride history file has been downloaded, you need to get it to your iPhone. The simplest way to do this is to email it to yourself and then open the email on your iPhone. Once the email is opened, you should be able to click on the file and choose the “Import Using mPaceline” link that shows up. This does work differently in some email clients so you may have to experiment a bit.

Once the file is opened in mPaceline, you will be walked through a couple of screens to load the data into mPaceline. More on this below…

Loading Downloaded Peloton Ride History

After you have downloaded your Peloton ride history by one of the methods above, you will be shown the Load Peloton Ride History Screen like below. Complete the settings on this screen and tap load to have your history matched with mPaceline Rides. 
Header Fields & Actions

When performing a load it's important to pay attention to the fields listed at the top of the screen. These fields will give you an indication of what is about to happen to your mPaceline data. A load is not reversible so you should take care to make sure you understand what is about to happen. The following fields are listed: 
  • Peloton Rides – the number of records that are in the Peloton History File. 
  • mPaceline Matches – the number of date/time matches made between records in the Peloton History File and Rides in mPaceline. 
  • Updates – the number of mPaceline Rides that will be updated with information from the Peloton History File. 
  • New Rides – the number of mPaceline Rides that will be created from information in the Peloton History File. 
There are two action toggles in the header. These can be set to alter the number of Rides that will be pulled from the Peloton History File: 
  • Create Unmatched – turning this action on will result in new Rides added to mPaceline if they are not matched to existing Rides. 
  • Overwrite Previous Loads – turning this action on will result in previously matched Rides being updated in mPaceline again. 
Note - We have experienced several instances in which some of the data in the Peloton History File is incomplete. By this we mean there are records in the file that don't have all of the data. We have seen blanks in the output, cadence, resistance, average output, etc...  When this occurs, mPaceline will skip these records. This will cause the "Peloton Rides" count as described above to be less than the actual number of records in the download file.  This typically gets corrected over time and will not do any damage to the data in mPaceline...
Match Fields

The mPaceline and Import fields should already be matched for you and should not need any changes. If it turns out that this is not the case, tap on each field and select the corresponding field in the history file so that it matches the mPaceline field description.

Run the Load

The 'Updates' and 'New Rides' will give you an indication of how many Rides will be updated and/or created by the load. When you have matched the fields and are ok with the 'Updates' and 'New Rides', tap the load button to perform the load. When it is finished, you will see load results and then be brought back to the mPaceline Home page."