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Peloton Ride History
This section is only relevant to mPaceline users that are Peloton Bike owners. If you are interested in learning more about Peloton Cycle, visit them at

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As you have now realized, a key feature of mPaceline is that it provides a mechanism for you to capture additional ride data and use this data to highlight your performance over time. This allows you to monitor your progress and demonstrate to yourself that you are improving and taking steps towards your goals.

When you conduct a Ride in mPaceline (either via. the Watch App or a Bluetooth connected HR Monitor), we automatically record your HR data, active calories burned and create a ride with this information. When the ride concludes, we also give you the opportunity to tell us more about your ride. This additional data is manually keyed by you. We have tried to make this seamless and easy.

Peloton provides a download file of all of your historic ride data and mPaceline can access this data and match it against rides that you have taken. This can be used to updates rides that you did before installing mPaceline or to refresh rides that you did with mPaceline but skipped the additional data step.

We recommend that you get in the habit of recording the additional data at the conclusion of your ride as having it at this time allows it to be written to Apple’s Health Kit database. This way if your mPaceline data was lost for some reason, you could simply re-import the rides and you are back. Note that this could also apply to re-downloading the data from Peloton, but since we can’t guarantee that they will continue to provide this download, this has some risks associated to it. It’s your call on how you handle this. 

Downloading Peloton Ride History

In order for mPaceline to be able to download your Peloton Ride History, you will need to enter your Peloton Username and Password on the page. Once you have done this, click the verify button. mPaceline will attempt to access your Ride History. Once you have successfully verified your account details, you will be able to set the optional settings on the page. These settings allow you to determine actions taken by mPaceline when processing downloaded data.

Performing a 'Full' Download 
Clicking on the 'Load Now' button does a full download of your Peloton data. Existing mPaceline will be matched to the Peloton ride and all fields will be updated. Rides found in the Peloton download but not in mPaceline will be added

Automatic Downloads 
If you toggle the 'Automatically Load Ride History' setting ON, mPaceline will attempt to download Ride History at the conclusion of an mPaceline Ride. This includes rides done on the Watch or those done via the iPhone with a Bluetooth connected HR monitor. Please note that if you conduct a Peloton Bike Ride without using mPaceline, the ride will not be automatically downloaded. In this case, simply return to this page and click the 'Load Now' button to download any missing Rides.