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mPaceline Support

This guide is to help you get started using mPaceline. We hope that you enjoy using our App. If you have any questions or issues, please email us at


mPaceline runs on iOS 9.3 without the Watch App or iOS 10.0 with watchOS 3.0. If you don’t have these versions, you will need to upgrade. We also need your permission to access the Health Kit database on your phone. If you don’t grant this permission, the application will not function correctly.  


To be very clear, mPaceline is a cycling workout App. If you are looking to track results of other workout types, then mPaceline is not for you.  mPaceline works best if your focus is on taking spinning classes that allow you to capture data from the class to later be entered into the App. If you are Peloton riders like us, then this will perfectly fit your training. 

mPaceline is comprised of an iPhone App that allows you to visually see all your workouts (we call them “Rides”) as well as an Apple Watch Companion App from which you can begin and monitor Rides on your wrist. While the iPhone App is detailed and will take some time for you to learn all the features, the Watch App is designed to be very straight forward. Click the “Let’s Ride” button and you’re off. 

You have two options for capturing data (heart rate, calories, distance, etc..) for a Ride:

  1. You can take advantage of mPaceline’s Watch App. The watch app offers you a great visual of your ride and you can quickly glance at your wrist to see how you are doing. Rides done on the watch are automatically transferred to the iPhone App when the Ride concludes. Here you can view your full ride details. Note - if you choose to, you can stream the ride from your watch to the iPhone app and have both devices showing you your ride data. 
  2. You can utilize a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor connected to the mPaceline iPhone App to record your vitals over a workout period. In this option, you don't need to have an Apple Watch. The Ride is automatically saved in mPaceline when it is complete.

Note that you can also utilize a 3rd party Watch App or the default Apple Workout App to record and monitor your workout. When the workout if complete, it can be imported into the mPaceline iPhone app as a 3rd Party Ride.

The mPaceline Watch App or a Bluetooth monitor connected to the iPhone App are the recommended options because after the ride is complete, you have the option of entering additional data and statistics about your Ride. It’s this additional data that is used in the iPhone app to compare different rides and highlight your performance over time.

Why mPaceLine?

Most mPaceline users share that their overall workout goals are to improve performance, strengthen and tone muscles, increase overall cardiovascular performance and to strengthen their heart. So, how do we prove that we are doing that?  Well, the first is simply going by how you feel. If you stick with your training plan you will feel better and notice that you are able to conduct rides more easily as time goes on. But that's not enough, is it? We all want to see some measure or indicator that shows us this is happening. Doing so reinforces that our effort is not wasted and actually motivates us to keep going.

That's what we built mPaceline for. To provide you with data to Visualize your Results! 

  • To show you that all your hard work, sweat and sometimes tears, are paying off 
  • To demonstrate that over time you're able to produce a higher output at a similar or lower heart rate 
  • To compare past Rides that you have done and see improvement across a variety of metrics 
  • To highlight the instructors that motivate you to achieve your best efforts 
  • To measure and support your heart rate training as you look to improve your overall health

mPaceline’s Additional Workout Data 

The standard Apple Workout App captures the following information and this information is transferred to mPaceline when the workout is completed. 

  • Workout Duration in Minutes 
  • Active Calories Burned 
  • Distance 
  • Heart Rate Measurements 
In order to really measure how we are doing, we need more data than this. That’s why mPaceline allows you to attached additional workout data to each ride that you take. This data is as set of metrics that highlight your performance during the Ride. You can later utilize this data in the mPaceline App to compare your performance over multiple Rides. This additional data includes: 
  • Instructor – selected from configurable list 
  • Ride Type – selected from configurable list 
  • Total Output – measured in Kilojoules 
  • Average Output – measured in Watts 
  • Average Resistance – measured in Percent 
  • Average Cadence – measured in RPMs

Depending on your situation, you may or may not have all of the above information available. This is particularly true if you spend a good portion of your time riding outdoors. Enter what you do have and ignore the rest.

Note – if you are a Peloton Bike owner, you can download this additional data from Peloton and match it against rides that you take using mPaceline. We suggest that you enter the data at the completion of a ride so that it’s stored in Health Kit, but if you prefer, you can bypass entering the data and update your rides from Peloton every so often…