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Importing 3rd Party Rides

If you are utilizing a 3rd party workout App, but would like these workouts to be referenced inside of mPaceline, you can import the workouts as new Rides. Note that any ride that you take using our Apple Watch or a Bluetooth connected HR monitor will be automatically brought into mPaceline. These will not need importing.


As you are probably already aware, Apple saves all health-related information, including heart rate measurements and workouts in a database on the iPhone referred to as Health Kit. When you use the mPaceline Watch App, we write directly to Health Kit just like any other workout app does. This includes the standard workout fields as well as the additional data that you enter. This is then available to any App that you have authorized as having access to your Health Kit data.

When you “import” a workout into mPaceline, it creates a link to the Health Kit workout and maintains some local data. Establishing this link is what we call importing. It basically allows mPaceline to work with the Health Kit workout data. If you delete a “Ride” in mPaceline, it only deletes the reference to it and you will still have the workout in your Health Kit database.

It’s important to note that since mPaceline is a cycling focused workout App, it will only import workouts that are designated as cycling (indoor or outdoor). The others will be ignored.

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By default, the auto importing of cycling workouts is turned off in the settings panel. We do this so that you don’t fill mPaceline with unwanted data. We recommend that you manually import the initial workout data ( and ignore those workouts that you don't want ) and then turn on the automatic setting for subsequent imports.   See below for help on how to do this...

Importing 3rd Party Rides 

You start an import by pressing the Import button on the Home Page. It is located in the upper left corner of the screen. You will be shown the import screen below: 

Importing Rides

The import rides page allows you to mark the listed rides as either imported or ignored. You use ignored when there are rides that you want to remove from the list but don’t want to import them. Importing will bring the Ride in the mPaceline App and no longer show it on this page. 

There are two ways to ignore or import rides. You can do this row by row by swiping left on the row and selecting the Import or Ignore options. You can also click on each row which will show a red check mark to the left side of each row and then use the Multi-Selection Action buttons (Import or Ignore) at the top of the page. The All or None selection buttons will toggle the selection on or off. The “Show Ignored” toggle button will show or hide Rides that you have previously ignored. 

Peloton Loaded Rides

Rides marked with the Peloton logo match rides that you previously loaded from your Peloton History file. You may not want to import these as doing so could create duplicates. They are good candidates for ignoring...

Auto Importing 3rd Party Rides

If you like, you can turn on automatic importing of 3rd party rides. This is done on the Settings Page. When this is turned on, any Cycling Workouts that show up in Health Kit will be pulled into mPaceline as new Rides. We recommend that you manually process all existing Health Kit workouts before turning this on. This prevents you from having to delete rides that were imported that you didn't want in your mPaceline App.