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Frequently Asked Questions - mTicker

Who are the best customers for mTicker ?

Anyone that wants to keep an eye on the market can use mTicker. It's certainly not meant to replace your brokerage account or other market trading software that you might utilize.  It was designed to be a quick and easy way to keep a pulse on what is happening in the market.   You can track individual stocks, bonds, ETFs, etc...  You can receive alerts if something happens and you can even use mTicker's positions feature to see how your investments are performing throughout the trading day.  We think that everyone will find value in this app.

Where does mTicker get data? 

mTicker downloads quotes and other data from Yahoo! and Google.   This all happens in the background and you only need an internet connection. Additionally, mTicker caches data so that you can use the program offline.    

What exchanges does mTicker support ?

mTicker works with many exchanges from around the world.  Quotes are received from Yahoo and Google and support mosts major stock exchanges.  If you can find a symbol on, you will find it in mTicker.

Can other people see my data?

No, your data is stored on your computer and is not transmitted to other individuals or sites.  When a request is made to Yahoo! or Google, only the symbol you are looking for is sent.

Is the data delayed?

Yes, a good portion of the data is delayed.  However, much of the data from Nasdaq and NYSE is real-time.   You can see whether or not the data is delayed by looking at the trade date/time that appears when you click on a symbol.

How do I select a different symbol to be shown when the Chart Window is opened?

Easy, drop down the popup panel and click on a different symbol.   Note that you can Anchor the popup Panel open by clicking on the anchor symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.   This way the window stays on top of other windows and doesn't close when you move away from it.   You can arrow down through the stocks in the popup Panel and the chart window will automatically update.

Note - the same thing goes for the News Window.  When it is open, the news is updated to reflect the symbols selected in the popup Panel.

If I delete a symbol, can I get it back?

Nope, sorry.  You can add it again however..  Note that any data on positions that you entered will also need to be recreated.

I can't see the numbers on the popup Panel?

If you have a symbol that has large numbers for price, change, etc... you may only see limited information in the table columns on the popup Panel.   To fix this, simply resize the columns by clicking on the vertical line between column headings.     You can resize the popup Panel just like you would any other window on your Mac.    mTicker will remember the size of the panel when you open it again.

What symbols do Alerts for <Any> symbol fire for?

When you create an alert, you can set it for a specific symbol by picking the name from the drop down list, or you can set it for <Any> symbol.   We like setting 52 week high and 52 week low alerts for <Any> symbol just to keep tabs on all symbols that  hit new highs or lows.  Besides, it would be difficult if you had to set these alerts for each individual stock that you are tracking.

Note, you can prevent a symbol from firing an alert for <Any> alerts.   You do this on the popup Panel.  Right click on the symbol and choose the "Ignore General Alerts" option.   If this is checked, you won't get an <Any> alert for this symbol.  However, if you have a specific alert for this symbol, it will still fire.

How do I set what symbols appear in the Ticker?

We got this covered too...    First, when you are filtering on a tag, you will only see those symbols that are part of the filter.   Second, you can specifically if a symbol should be in the ticker.   This is done by right clicking on the symbol in the popup Panel and selecting the 'Show in Ticker' option.  If this is unchecked, the symbol will never show in the ticker.  If it is checked, the symbol will show as long it is part of the current filter or the filter is cleared.

What is tagging  for?

As you get more and more symbols in your popup Panel, they start to get unmanageable.  You can sort them based on a quote sort order available in the Action popup menu or by clicking on a column header, but other that this, they are just a list of symbols.   We added tagging so that you could narrow down the set of symbols that are shown.    You'll have to decide how to use this, but we believe that it will allow you to better manage and display your symbols on the popup Panel.   Some suggestions on how to use this.  1) Create tags for all indexes.  2) Tag those symbols that you have positions in.  3) Tag groupings of symbols like technology, healthcare, etc...  You get the picture.