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Frequently Asked Questions - mPaceline

Calories on the mPaceline Watch App don't match what my Bike says:

After a ride, the calories shown on the Watch and on the data imported into mPaceline is significantly below that which is shown on the bike after my workout is completed.

This is due to the fact that your Bike has sensors and information about your ride well beyond that know by your Apple Watch or other Heart Rate Tracker.  You bike knows how quickly you are pedaling as well as the amount of resistance or how hard you are working.  Both of these data points are taken into account when you calories burned is computed.  The data on your bike is more accurate and should be relied upon for actual calories burned.

Note that when a workout is completed on the mPaceline Watch App, you can override the calories that were calculated by the watch with the value shown on the bike.  This will then be passed onto the mPaceline App on your phone.

Do mPaceline workouts count towards my Activity Rings:

Yes, the workouts that you do with mPaceline will contribute to the Apple Activity Rings.