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mInvoice Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best customers for mInvoice ?

Anyone that runs a business that needs invoicing and billing support.  We find that both retail and services businesses of all sizes are a good fit for mInvoice.

Can other people see my business data?

No, your data is stored on your computer and is not transmitted to other individuals or sites. You customer lists and invoicing data is extremely sensitive and we will never do anything to jeopardize this.

Can someone help me?

We pride ourselves on our customer support and how quickly we respond to questions via email.  We'll do everything we can to get you started.

Are there hidden costs?

Unlike many of the online invoicing services and a few of the invoicing Apps in the App Store, there are NO monthly charges or hidden costs for mInvoice.  The only cost for mInvoice is the price you see the App Store.  We do have an In-App Purchase option available, but this is pretty clearly shown. We do this as we know that not everyone will need this feature and there is no sense charging for something that only a few will use.

Can mInvoice be used in a "services" oriented business?

Absolutely.  You do this by adding product with a name something like "Installation Services" or "Custom Design Work" or "Assembly Charge".  You get the point.  Then you create a new Unit Of Measure and call it "Hours" or "Time".  The default "List Price" on the product should be your standard hourly charge for this service.  When you add this item to an invoice, you edit that quantify field and enter the number of "Hours" or other time measure that you want applied to the rate.

Can I Import data into mInvoice?

You sure can. Importing is a standard feature and is pretty straightforward to use.

Can I Export data out of mInvoice?

Yes. we provide mechanisms to export almost every piece of data out of mInvoice so that you can pull into a spreadsheet and do custom reporting or maybe do mail merges.