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Frequently Asked Questions - mPortfolio

What is mPortfolio?

It is a stock portfolio management software.  You can research, read news and view historic performance of stocks.   As you make purchase decisions, you can mirror your portfolio in the software.    From here, mPortfolio keeps your balances up-to-date as the share prices fluctuate.  You can quickly and easily see the performance of your investments.

Who is mPortfolio Designed For?

Anyone can use mPortfolio.  However, it is meant for the average investor that wants to keep track of stocks in an easy to use application and doesn't want to log in and out of their brokerage software.  Hardcore investors or day-traders will find that this product is not suitable for their needs.  They should look for other solutions.

Is there a subscription fee to use this application?

No.  Once you pay for the software, there are no other charges.

Where does mPorfolio get stock data?

mPortfolio downloads stock quotes and other data from Yahoo!  This all happens in the background and you only need an internet connection.  Additionally, mPortfolio caches stocks that you have viewed so that you can use the program offline.   This includes stock quotes, fundamentals and end of day close data for charting.  When you connect again, all the data will be refreshed automatically.

Is the stock data delayed?

Yes, stock data is delayed per the Yahoo! quote system.  See for additional information.  This is typically between 15-20 minutes.  

Does mPortfolio work with international stock exchanges?

Yes, mPortfolio works with many different stock exchanges from around the world.   Yahoo! provides quotes from mosts major stock exchanges.

I can't find symbol XXX on the YYY Exchange?

Since many exchanges from around the world use similar ticker symbols, Yahoo uses suffixes on some symbols to differentiate them.   Go to for a list of stock exchanges that yahoo supports and take notice of the suffix that is used for you YYY exchange.   You simply add this to the end of your ticker symbol in mPortfolio.  For example:  If you are looking for symbol XXX on the London Stock Exchange, you would enter XXX.L for the ticker.   This would be done on the Yahoo finance page to return the quote as well as in the lookup field in mPortfolio.  Note that a '.' (period) is used to separate the actual ticker and the suffix.

We currently don't have symbol lookup capability for all exchanges around the world.  We are working to add all symbols from all exchanges to simplify this lookup process.

The App Store says mPortfolio is already Installed, but I haven't purchased it!  

Apparently, Apple is recognizing the trial version of the application as the purchased version.   To get around this, you must manually delete the '' file from your Applications folder.  Once you do this, you will be able to purchase the from App Store.

Can other people see my investments and stock data?

No, your data is stored on your computer and is not transmitted to other individuals or sites.   When a request is made to Yahoo!, only the stock ticker you are looking for is sent.

Where do I record my cash holdings?

mPortfolio is a cashless trading system and its focus is on keeping track of stocks that you have added to a portfolio.  We assume that you can manage your cash as the accounting for this is pretty simple.   Keeping track of stocks you own, their dividends, sales you made and other activities is more challenging and thus the focus for the application.

You will notice that when you sell shares, they remain on your portfolio.   The shares retain their cost basis and market value.  The market value is fixed based on the sale price of the shares.  The gains or losses you received are also fixed.   This allows you to keep an historic accounting as to how well the stock performed.  Other portfolio tracking systems move the sale proceeds to cash and actually delete the stock from your portfolio.   With this method you can't look back and see how your "sold" stocks performed.

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