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mTicker - Stock Ticker & Alert Manager 

mTicker is a stock monitoring and alerting program.  It's purpose is to make sure that you don't miss important trading windows.   It helps you to monitor your investments and provides real-time alerts when important trading scenarios occur. 

Supports includes equities, funds, ETFs, indexes and many other instruments. 

Key features include
  • Simple but elegant popup window from the status bar 
  • Ticker rotates through your investments 
  • Detailed Investment monitoring 
  • Cloud synchronization of symbols and alerts to all computers running mTicker
  • Quickly visualize stock performance 
  • Detailed symbol lookup and search 
  • Provides real-time alerts via notifications 
  • Full customizable interface and options 
  • Real time data for select exchanges 
  • After hours trading support 
  • Customizable charts 
  • Up-to-date News Feeds 
  • Quick links to online sources for more detailed information
Sample Screens:

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