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mStocks+ - Stock Tracking + plus much, much more...

Take Command of the Market!
  • Easily monitor your investment positions
  • Analyze gains, losses and visualize your return
  • Investigate new trading opportunities 
  • Visualize performance historically and as it happens
  • Keep current on news impacting your investments
  • Create investment groupings and monitor the groups return
  • Much, much more...
With mStocks, you’ll be able to quickly determine how your investments are performing without the need to log into your brokerage account. Keep up-to-date on key indicators and read daily news articles to stay current on the companies you follow. You’ll quickly come to depend on mStocks+ as you take command of the market.

Reviewer comments include…

    ”mStocks+ is cleanly designed and one of the easiest Stock Apps I’ve seen.”

    “Not a day goes by that I don’t get value from this App.  I use it every day!”

    “Meg Software has created a great tool for keeping track of the market.”

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** Try for free and purchase the extended features only if you are satisfied with our App !