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Sharing Options in Version 1.7

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We all love sharing our Power Zone and Heart Rate Graphs

Prior to version 1.7, the options were limited in what graphs could be produced. Most mPaceline users simply did a screen shot of the graph they wanted to share and upload to FaceBook. In version 1.7, we are expanding the graphs that can be shared. We'd love to hear what you think of the following graphs and any changes that you'd like to see.  Hoping to incorporate some feedback and get a version out in the next couple of weeks...

Send feedback to support@megsoftware.com or share on the Power Zone Pack FaceBook thread...

Heart Rate Graphs

Full screen showing HR graph

Split screen showing HR graph and time spent in each zone.

Output Graphs

Full screen showing output graph and can include cadence, resistance and HR

Split screen showing output graph and watt distribution by time

Power Zone Graphs

Full screen showing output across the power zones

Split screen showing output across power zones and time spent in each zone