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About mPaceline

Introducing mPaceline  Support  Frequently Asked Questions

mPaceline is a cycling workout App designed to help you visualize your results over time. The App works best if your focus is on taking spinning classes that provide metrics on your class performance. You enter these metrics into mPaceline from our Watch App or via your iPhone when the class is over. 

If you are a Peloton Rider, then this will perfectly fit your training. We built mPaceline to fit our Peloton Cycling and added a feature that will allow you to download your Peloton Ride History and add the metrics that are tracked on the bike into the App.

Most mPaceline users tell us that their overall workout goals are to improve performance, strengthen and tone muscles, increase overall cardiovascular performance and to strengthen their heart. So, how do we prove that we are doing that? Well, the first is simply going by how you feel. If you stick with your training plan you will feel better and notice that you are able to conduct rides more easily as time goes on, But that's not enough, is it? We all want to see some measure or indicator that shows us this is happening. Doing so reinforces that our effort is not wasted and actually motivates us to keep going. That's what we built mPaceline for. To provide you with data to Visualize your Results! 


Whether it’s on the road, a stationary bike in your home, or spinning classes at the gym, mPaceline can be a great tool to support and track your training.

mPaceline was created out of a love of spinning. The developer and his wife bought a Peloton Bike and loved it from the start. However, like many others, they struggled to demonstrate to themselves that their effort was paying off. They both felt better and could tell that they were getting stronger, but they wanted to see the results in the data.

Our focus in creating mPaceline was to provide that tool that would demonstrate the hard work you are putting into your training is seen.

Visualize your results

Let mPaceline demonstrate that you are hitting your goals...
  • To show you that all your hard work, sweat and sometimes tears, are paying off
  • To demonstrate that over time you're able to produce a higher average output at a similar effort or average heart rate
  • To compare past Rides that you have done and see improvement across a variety of metrics
  • To highlight the instructors that motivate you to achieve your best efforts
  • To measure and support your heart rate training as you look to improve your overall health

Easy to Read Performance Ring Graphs

mPaceline’s Ring Graphs are designed to give you a quick visual of the performance of a Ride against other rides that you have done. The graph in the ring starts at the bottom and goes clockwise around in a circle. A Ring Graph that is filled, represents your best effort in a metric. The center of the ring shows the metric numerically.

Note that Ring Graphs are “grouped” based on the duration of the workout. This means that if you are looking at a Ring Graph from a 45-minute workout, the graph is only comparable to other 45-minute workouts.

Heart Rate and Power Zone (FTP) Training

mPaceline provides you the information that you need to conduct Heart Rate and Power Zone training.  In both cases, you get to see your personalized zones and can track your performance and improvements throughout your training.  

In the case of Heart Rate Training, we provide instance access to your HR and graph the results during your workouts. If you goal is to keep your HR in a specific zone, we have you covered.

For Power Zone Training, we allow you to enter the results from your FTP (Functional Threshold Power) test and mPaceline will automatically calculate your FTP and show your the specific watt requirements for each zone.  As you progress in your training, enter additional tests results and chart your improvements to Visualize your Results. When you are training, you can get a reference to your zones so you know where you need to be throughout the class.


Bluetooth HR Monitor Support

You can create a new ride utilizing a Bluetooth connected HR Monitor. mPaceline has been tested with a number of Bluetooth HR Monitors. We recommend either the Scosche Rhythm, Polar H7 or Wahoo TICKR.

Apple Watch and Live Streaming

Live stream rides from your watch to your iPhone for additional details and better tracking of your ride performance.

Live streaming from your watch is a great way to keep track of your stats during a workout.  Simply start a session on your watch and press 'Connect' on the Ride Streaming screen.

Keep track of your current Heart Rate, Calories Burned and see a real-time graphs of where your heart rate is and has been during the entire workout.  If you are taking heart rate focused training classes, this is a must have addition to your training.
Designed With Peloton Riders in Mind

If you are a Peloton Rider and own a Peloton bike, you will love mPaceline.  You can quickly and easily match Rides in mPaceline with actual results downloaded from Peloton.  This make is simple to update your stats for rides that you have done before installing mPaceline. It's also very handy to periodically refresh rides that you are yet to enter ride details.  

Give mPaceline a try, and like us, you’ll quickly see that it’s just as much fun to look at the results of your Rides as it is to hit it on the road, gym, studio, etc…

Happy Riding :)