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mPortfolio has a clean and easy to use interface for creating portfolios and viewing stock performance. The feedback we received during out beta testing indicate that the application is easy to learn and that you should have little difficulty getting started.

Below outlines some of the features that you will find in the application:

Finding Stocks

It is easy to locate the stocks that you are interested in. Either enter the ticker or do a symbol search. mPortfolio brings back the data for the stock and displays it in an easy to read format.

Visual Stock Performance

mPortfolio offers a number of charting options for visualizing how a stock is performing. Options include line, high-low, candlestick, volume and other display types. You can also make several user customizable settings to make the chart fit your tastes.

Up to the Minute News Feeds

You get up-to-the-minute news feeds on the main page of the application. You get a brief summary of the story, when it was published and can click on the headline for the full story.

Creating Portfolios

mPortfolio keeps track to both investment and watch portfolios. Investment is meant for stocks that you have positions in. A Watch portfolio makes it easy for you to keep an eye on stocks that you find interesting. Each portfolio can have an unlimited number of stocks.


Performance View

Fundamentals View

Transactions View

The above screens outline the three ways to view the stocks that you add to a portfolio.
  • Performance - view how well your stocks are performing 
  • Fundamentals - see detailed information about your stocks (ratios, volume, dividends, etc...) 
  • Transactions - track all of the actions that you have taken (buy, sell, record dividend, etc...)
The performance view is updated automatically in an interval that you specify. 

Buying and Selling Shares

Purchasing shares couldn't be easier. Simply enter the shares, price and any transaction fees and you are done.

Recording Dividends

mPortfolio makes recording dividends quick and easy. It lookups the dividends and provides you with the declaration date and the dividend amount. For reinvestment dividends, you provide the share purchase price and the number of shares you received are automatically calculated.

Configuration and Preferences

There are a number of preference settings that you can set to customize the way that application behaves.