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Tags and Filters

posted Nov 22, 2015, 5:43 PM by Admin Manager   [ updated Nov 23, 2015, 4:23 PM ]
Tagging Symbols

Tags are textual labels that you assign to a collection of symbols. A symbol can have multiple tags. Tags are automatically created when you add one to a symbol and then can then be assigned to other symbols. The easiest way to tag a symbol is to use the Tags field on the Detail Panel. Here you simply type the name of the tag that you want to use. You'll notice that mStock+ will default to existing tags as you type. You can select an existing one, or create a new one.


You can also create and assign tags by right clicking on a symbol and selecting the "Tag with" menu option and then selecting either "Add New..." to create a new tag, or select an existing tag from the list of tags show.


If you find that you need to rename or delete tags, you can use the Manage Tags window. This is accessed via the "Managed Tags..." menu option on the popup menu when you right click on the symbols list.


To delete tags, select them and press the "delete" button. To edit a tag name, highlight it in the list by clicking on it and press enter. You will be able to edit the name directly in the list. Press close when you are done and all symbols that have the tags you updated will be changed.

Using Tags

Feel free to use tags how ever you find best meets your needs. Many of our customers use them to segment symbols based on industry, sector or specific focus areas of the company. You could create tags for "Technology", "Social Media", or "Retail". Use what best meets your trading needs.

Filtering your Symbols List

Filtering allows you to restrict the symbols in the symbols list to just those items that you are interested in. This can be done in two ways:

Filter on Tags - you can filter on tags that you have created
Filter on Portfolios - you can filter on portfolios that you have created.

In both cases, the symbols list will be restricted to just those items that match the filter criteria.

You can visually that if a filter is in effect by looking at the filter icon and filter textual label. In the screen image below, you can see that a filter is being performed on the "Technology" tag. Note that the filter icon is shaded blue. It will be clear when there is no filter being in place and the textual filter label will show "All Symbols".


To select a different filter, click on the filter text of the existing filter (in the case above, click on Technology). This will bring up the filter selection window as shown above. To change the filter, click on the new filter from the list. You can also click on the Clear Filter link to remove the existing filter. To close the filter popup without making changes, click on the close "X" icon.

You can also select and clear filters from the right-click popup menu. You will see options for "Filter on Tag..", "Filter on Portfolio..." and "Clear Filter" from the popup menu.

Impacts of Filters 

As mentioned already, filters change the list of symbols shown in the symbols list. However, this is not the only place that the changes that will be seen. When you are filtering, mStocks+ also changes some of the reports and graphs that you will see in the Charts and Details options shown at the bottom of the main screen. For examples, the heat map will be changed to only show symbols being filtered. Filtering also impacts some of the calculations of days return and total return shown in the system menu bar and in the mStocks+ status bar.