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Symbol Lookup

posted Nov 22, 2015, 5:43 PM by Admin Manager   [ updated Nov 23, 2015, 4:17 PM ]
Adding additional symbols to the symbols list is quick and easy. You simply enter the ticker symbol or name of the company that you are looking for in the symbol lookup field and press enter. mStocks+ will perform a search and return a result set of all symbols that match your search criteria. Navigate to the symbol that you are looking for with the arrow keys and press enter or double click to select the symbol. This will cause mStocks+ to perform a symbol lookup and load the details, news and charts. These will be shown on the main window and the new symbol will be selected in the symbols list.

Symbol search field for "netflix":

Search results for "netflix":

Symbol Data Providers 

When you do a search, mStocks+ pulls data from both Yahoo and Google. Chart data, quote history and news feeds always com from Yahoo, but the stock quotes are pulled from both providers. This is done to get a complete view of each symbol. We typically find that Google does a better job of providing after hours quotes for most symbols. The Google quotes are also real-time and not delayed like most Yahoo quotes. 

The actual ticker symbols that Google and Yahoo utilize are different and mStocks+ will convert between them. If you right click on a symbol and choose the Yahoo Quote or Google Quote option, you'll be sent to the provider's websites for more detail information. You'll notice when this is done, the lookup symbol will be different. You shouldn't need to be concerned about the difference other than to understand that it exists.

For example. Yahoo's symbol for Netflix is "NFLX". Google recognizes Netflix by "NASDAQ:NFLX".