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Position Performance

posted Nov 22, 2015, 5:42 PM by Admin Manager   [ updated Dec 5, 2015, 5:55 PM ]
A key strength of mStocks+ is the position performance features that allow you to monitor how well you investments are doing.  We can provide all the neat data and graphs of stock performance, but if we don't show how your positions are doing, we are completely missing the mark.  Our Position Performance views really differentiate us from other stock tracking software in the App Store.  Once you give mStocks+ a try and take full advantage of Position Performance, we think you will agree.

It's important to note that a good portion of the data and graphs discussed in this help topic require that you are using advanced positions. You should read the help topics on Basic Positions and Advanced Positions to fully understand how this works. 

All charts in Position Performance are built based on the current filter. This allows you to pick a specific portfolio, tag or get position data across all of your symbols.  

Position Performance - Allocation View

Here we give you a breakdown of the investments that you have made in relation to the others.  You can see which symbols are providing the largest value, return or percentage return.  We show this both in graphic and tabular data.  See the screen shot below for a sample.  You can toggle between value, return and percentage return in the toggle below the pie chart.

Hover your mouse over the pie chart to get popup data on each symbol in the chart.


Position Performance - Overview View

The Overview view, shows you the value of your positions over time. mStocks+ draw a bar graph for several points in time over the selected date range.  These points in time vary based on the date range being shown. They are either monthly or quarterly. The date range can be changed by using the toggle below the graph. Hover over each of the column in the bar graph to get additional details. Note that the bars show both the value of your equity investments as well as any cash holdings that you have. The green areas represents cash.

The 5 year and 10 year durations are drawn using quarterly data.  All other durations are shown using monthly data.  For the bar, the data used is the first day of the month or quarter.  The bar shown in grey colors represents the current value of your positions.  This matches the data shown in the textual table.


Position Performance - Performance View

Finally, the Position Performance View shows the percentage change of your position's value over a time period. This time period is set via the toggle below the graph. Note that this is percentage change over time and is not the same as the percentage return of the symbols being graphed.


You can show or hide the table using the >> icon.  This allows you to make additional room for the graph.

Switch between the Allocation, Overview or Performance view via the toggle below the graphs.