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News Reader

posted Nov 22, 2015, 5:42 PM by Admin Manager   [ updated Dec 5, 2015, 5:36 PM ]
The News Reader downloads and displays relevant news articles for each of the symbols on your symbols list.  Clicking on a symbol will result in the news list to be updated to match articles for the symbol.  These are shown in news articles list:

As you hover your mouse over the lists of articles, you will see a gray highlight over the indicated article. Click to read the article in the News Reader.  Note that if you are using the free version of mStocks+ you will only be able to launch the News Reader for the first article in the articles list.

Once the News Reader opens, you will see a window similar to that shown below.


By default, mStocks+ uses the Instapaper Mobilizer to remove all advertising and other nonessential information from the article. This allows for better reading but can some times miss portions of the article. If this occurs, simply click on the "Show Full Page" button to load the full article into the News Reader. If you prefer, you can open the full article in your default browser by clicking on "Open In Browser...".  There are settings in the Preferences screens that allow you to configure how the News Reader functions. For example, you can choose different mobilizers or chose to always have the articles load the full page version.

The "Prev" and "Next" buttons allow you to navigate through the full list of news articles for the current symbol.  The status bar gives you an indication of how many articles exist and which of them you are currently viewing.

Press the "Close" button to close the News Reader and return to the Main Window.