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Getting Started

posted Nov 22, 2015, 5:43 PM by Admin Manager   [ updated Nov 23, 2015, 4:16 PM ]
The following will help you get started with mStocks+. It's meant to introduce the navigation and provide an overview of the major features. Several of the areas discussed here have more detailed help topics available.

System Menu Bar

When you first launch mStocks+, the main window will open and show on your screen. You should also notice a popup window show up in the system menu bar. This popup will let you know that the program is running and monitoring your investments. If you click on the mStocks+ icon in the system menu bar, you will get a menu that will allow you to access program features. These include:
  • About Screen 
  • Toggle Main Window 
  • Toggle Ticker 
  • Set Preferences 
  • Setup Hot Keys 
  • mStocks+ Help 
  • Quit mStocks+ 
mStocks+ was designed to run in the background and does not require you to have the main window open all the time. You can confidently close the main window and know that all symbols will continue to be updated. You can easily open the main window by pressing the hot key (default is command-S) or by clicking on the system menu icon and choosing the "Toggle Main Window" menu option. (Hint - toggle the hot key when the window is open and it will close).

Main Window Overview

mStocks+ has been designed as a single window application. You have a variety of way to configure the window to your preferred style and can also choose to hide certain areas.

Within the main window, you'll notice that there are both vertical and horizontal sliders that allow you to change the dimensions between the sections. You can adjust the sliders to show more of the symbols list and less of the news and charts view (or vice versa). Similarly, you can change the dimensions between the news view and charts view. Slide these to set your preferences. mStocks+ remembers the positions and will retain them the next time the window is opened or the program restarts.

Symbol List

The symbol list at the top of the main window shows the symbols and other instruments that you have added to mStocks+. You can add symbols by performing a symbol lookup and you can remove them by selecting the delete option. You can also sort and filter the list of symbols based on a number of criteria. More on searching and filtering in another help topic.

If you right click on the symbol list, you will be shown a popup menu from which you can access additional features.

Detail Panel

The detail panel is shown on the right side of the screen. You can toggle the panel open or closed by clicking the detail panel toggle icon. When the detail panel is open, you can see additional information on the selected symbol. You can also assign tags, and edit the cost basis and shares owned for basic positions that you take in a symbol. See 'Basic Positions' help topic for more details on basic positions.

The sections on the detail panel (Symbol Details, Positions, and Tags) can be collapsed by clicking on the title. This will offer additional room on small laptop displays.

New Articles

When you click on a symbol in the symbol list, current news articles will be loaded and shown in the news list. Clicking on an article will open the news reader and you can read the article. 

Charting & Symbol Details

Like the news reader, charts and other details are shown when you click on a symbol. There are several tabs in the charting and details area that show additional information about the symbol. These include:
  • Stock Charts 
  • Symbol History 
  • Heat Map 
  • Performance 
There are additional help topics that go over each of these.

Adding and Filtering Symbols

Symbol Lookup

To add a new symbol to your symbols list, simply type a name or ticker symbol into the search box and press enter. You will be shown a result set that matches your criteria. Pick the symbol that you are interested in. It will be added to the symbols list and the relevant details will be downloaded and updated on the main window.

Filtering Symbols

At some point, the number of symbols that you have in the symbols list will become unmanageable. This is where filtering becomes valuable. Filtering can be done in two different ways.

Tag Filtering - You can filter the symbols list for symbols that have similar tags.
Portfolio Filtering - You can pick a specific portfolio and only show the symbols that are on the selected portfolio.