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Basic Positions

posted Nov 22, 2015, 5:41 PM by Admin Manager   [ updated Dec 5, 2015, 6:03 PM ]
Basic Positions is a straightforward way to represent the position you hold in a symbol.  You do this by entering the number of shares you own as well as the total cost basis at which you acquired the shares.  Let's see an example:

Suppose you own Apple Inc. and you purchased 100 shares at a price of $105.50.  In mStocks+, you would enter:

Shares Owned: 100.00
Cost Basis: $10,550.00 - Apple trades in USD.

It's important to recognize that the cost basis is not just the $105.50 that you paid for a single share, but the total that you paid for all shares. In this case its the $105.50 multiple by 100 shares.

For Basic Positions, you don't tell mStocks+ when you acquired the shares. Just the shares you own and the total price paid. From this information, mStocks+ is able to calculate the current value of your position using the most recent share price and calculate the total return and percentage return.

If you have purchased multiple lots of a given symbol, you need to calculate the cost basis for each lot and then sum them. You would also combine the shares that you purchased for each lot to get the total number of shares owned.  Enter the combined shares and combined costs basis into mStocks. It gets a little more complicated if you have sold some shares on this stock, but you should get the point.

NOTE - The Cost Basis must be in the currency of the symbol you are taking a position in. 

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If you find this model limiting, you should read on about Advanced Positions. Basic Positions is for those individuals that have simple holdings and are not interested in the extra work to tell mStocks+ about each buy and sell transaction.

One final thing about Basic Positions - you'll notice that some of the charts (Overview and Performance) in the Positions Performance feature don't return data for Basic Positions.  This is because the Basic Positions don't provide mStocks+ with enough detail to draw these graphs.  If this is a problem for you, consider taking the time to setup Advanced Positions.