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Version 2.1 Released!

posted Feb 3, 2016, 4:24 PM by Admin Manager   [ updated Feb 6, 2016, 9:16 AM ]
We are very excited to announce the release of version 2.1 of mInventory.  There are some great additions in this new version.  Please share your thoughts after you've had a chance to review the changes.  As always, we welcome all feedback and enhancement recommendations.  Enjoy the updates....

Dashboard View - when you open the App after upgrading, you'll see a new dashboard icon on the Navigation Bar. This will give you access to a screen that will show you statistics on your inventory and sales workflows. We'll continue to enhance this and bring new features, but wanted to give you some initial views into your inventory performance.  

Deposits and Partial Payments - prior to this version when you acknowledged that a customer paid for a sales order, you simply gave mInventory the date that the payment was made. mInventory assumed that the payment was equal to the balance owed. In version 2.1, you will specify the payment received. If you receive multiple payments over time, you can specify them as they come in. This is also handy if your customer makes a deposit. All reports and screens have been updated. We think this is a great addition.

Complete Workflow - Because of the change above to accept actual payments, there is a new workflow added that requires that you specify when a sales order is complete. Before, we assumed it was complete when it was marked shipped and you acknowledged the payment. Since multiple payments can now be entered, you will need to mark fully paid sales orders as complete. We've migrated you old data and made anything that was shipped and had a payment as completed. Going forward, make sure that you mark sales orders competed. You'll notice that the "revenue" won't be recognized on the new dashboard and on the income statement if the sales order is not completed.

Cancel Workflow - like above, you need to tell mInventory of any sales orders that are not going to be executed. We've added the ability to mark a sales order as cancelled. You can keep the record in the database, but it won't affect any totals or reports.

Additional Invoice Statement Report - we've added a new report called Invoice Statement Report. This can be run and sent to an invoice customer that has not paid you. We recommend that this report is sent along with the payment outstanding letter. This new report is similar to the invoice, but it also shows payments that have been made.

Duplicate Purchase Orders and Sales Orders - We've alway has the ability to duplicate an inventory item but now we have added this to Purchase Orders and Sales orders. This is helpful for repeat purchases and sales.

Date Range Filter - in the areas that you can filter records by dates, you now have the ability to specify a date range.

Cash Customer Concept - We've been told that there are some instances when sales are made to customers that are unlikely to ever order from your business again. In these cases, it doesn't make sense to setup a customer record just to have the customer data on the reports. In version 2.1, we've added the ability to add customer data directly on the Sales Order screen. Click the customer icon to the right of the customer selection box and you'll see a window in which you can add the data for this "cash" customer.

Order Adjustments that Increase Profit - You'll see a new "Profit" check box on the order adjustments screen. This should be set when you are charging a customer a fee or other charge that you will make money on. In this version, the entire amount of the adjustment will be added to your profit. In future versions, we expect to allow you to specify how much of the charge should increase your profit.

Sales Outstanding on Status Bar - you'll now see on the bottom status bar the value of the sales that you have outstanding.

Right Click Column Selection - You can now right click on the column headings of tables in mInventory to select the columns that you want to have shown.  Previously this could only be done in the Preferences Screen.

Bug Squashing - We also fixed a few bugs that were reported in Version 2.0. These didn't impact too many of you, but they are taken care of now.
 - Import bug when numeric values had commas in them.
 - Bug that crashed mInventory when sorting by a few fields.
 - Search field sometimes lost focus and messed up the search while typing.
 - Some performance improvement when there are many sales orders in the table.  We'll be improving this even more in the next release.