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 Inventory & Sales Manager

mInventory for Mac OS X
Version 2.0
A software system for small businesses to manage inventory and track sales, purchases and facilitate shipping and receipts

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mInventory is a simple and straightforward software system for managing inventory.  It offers the small business with a set of purchasing, sales and inventory management functions that can greatly simplify the complexities around establishing, tracking and reporting on your inventory levels. 
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing and Sales
  • Invoicing
  • Shipping & Receipts Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Standard and custom reporting
 Stock Monitoring and More...

mStocks+ for Mac OS X
Version 1.1
An stock monitoring and portfolio management app to keep track of the market and watch how well your investments are performing.


With mStocks, you’ll be able to quickly determine how your investments are performing without the need to log into your brokerage account. Keep up-to-date on key indicators and read daily news articles to stay current on the companies you follow. 
  • Take Charge of your Investments!
  • Easily monitor your positions
  • Analyze gains, losses and visualize your return
  • Investigate new trading opportunities 
  • Visualize performance historically and as it happens
  • Keep current on news impacting your investments
Invoice and Billing Manager
mInvoice for Mac OS X
Version 1.0
A software system for small businesses to manage invoicing & track billing receipts

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mInvoice is a great invoicing and billing app that helps you create and send professional customer invoices, track your outstanding payments and keep your business organized.
  • Quick and Easy Quotes and Invoices
  • Ready to use Templates
  • Track Customer Payments
  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Custom Fields 
  • Customized Reporting
 Network Traffic Stats

mTrafficStats for Mac OS X
Version 1.8
A simple to use traffic monitor that keeps an eye on bandwidth utilization to help you stay within your provider's usage caps 

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A simple internet traffic monitor to allow you to keep track of your bandwidth utilization. 
  • Automatically detects and records traffic for Wi-FI and Ethernet interfaces.
  • On screen graphing of interface activity and quota usage.
  • Records activity and allows for monthly and daily graphs of usage.
  • Customizable status bar icon and message.
  • Export historic usage for additional analysis and graphing.