Stock Investment Tracker

mStocks for Mac OS X
Version 1.0
A software system for small businesses to manage invoicing & track billing receipts

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With mStocks, you’ll be able to quickly determine how your investments are performing without the need to log into your brokerage account. Keep up-to-date on key indicators and read daily news articles to stay current on the companies you follow. 
  • Take Charge of your Investments!
  • Easily monitor your positions
  • Analyze gains, losses and visualize your return
  • Investigate new trading opportunities 
  • Visualize performance historically and as it happens
  • Keep current on news impacting your investments
Invoice and Billing Manager
mInvoice for Mac OS X
Version 1.0
A software system for small businesses to manage invoicing & track billing receipts

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mInvoice is a great invoicing and billing app that helps you create and send professional customer invoices, track your outstanding payments and keep your business organized.
  • Quick and Easy Quotes and Invoices
  • Ready to use Templates
  • Track Customer Payments
  • Dashboard and Analytics
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Custom Fields 
  • Customized Reporting
Inventory & Sales Manager

mInventory for Mac OS X
Version 1.6
A software system for small businesses to manage inventory and track sales, purchases and facilitate shipping and receipts

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mInventory is a simple and straightforward software system for managing inventory.  It offers the small business with a set of purchasing, sales and inventory management functions that can greatly simplify the complexities around establishing, tracking and reporting on your inventory levels. 
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing and Sales
  • Shipping & Receipts Management
  • Cost Accounting.
  • Detailed reports
 Network Traffic Stats

mTrafficStats for Mac OS X
Version 1.8
A simple to use traffic monitor that keeps an eye on bandwidth utilization to help you stay within your provider's usage caps 

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A simple internet traffic monitor to allow you to keep track of your bandwidth utilization. 
  • Automatically detects and records traffic for Wi-FI and Ethernet interfaces.
  • On screen graphing of interface activity and quota usage.
  • Records activity and allows for monthly and daily graphs of usage.
  • Customizable status bar icon and message.
  • Export historic usage for additional analysis and graphing.