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Inventory & Sales Manager

mInventory for Mac OSX
Version 1.6
A software system for small businesses to manage inventory and track sales, purchases and facilitate shipping and receipts.  

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mInventory is a simple and straightforward software system for managing inventory.  It offers the small business with a set of purchasing, sales and inventory management functions that can greatly simplify the complexities around establishing, tracking and reporting on your inventory levels. 
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchasing and Sales
  • Shipping & Receipts Management
  • Cost Accounting.
  • Detailed reports

  Apple Mac OS X 10.7 
or later compatible
 iPhone Dialer

mDialer for Mac OSX
Version 1.0
A simple to use iPhone dialer that takes advantage of the new continuity and iPhone Handoff features in Yosemite and IOS 8.  

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mDialer allows you to dial phone numbers on your iPhone.  Quickly call favorite contacts or search your address book for other numbers to call.
  • Dial phone numbers from your Mac 
  • PopUp Panel with quick links to Favorites 
  • Integrated with Mac Address Book 
  • Dial Pad for dialing any number 
  • Easy to use and elegant interface
  • FaceTime integration
  • Retina Support
  Apple Mac OS X 10.10 / iPhone IOS 8
or later compatible
   Stock Ticker & Alerts

mTicker for Mac OSX
Version 2.0
Investment monitoring and alerting tool.  You can monitor information on equities, funds and ETFs and be notified if key events occur.

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mTicker is a stock monitoring and alerting program. It's purpose is to make sure that you don't miss important trading windows. It helps you to monitor your investments an provides real-time alerts when trading scenarios occur.
  • Ticker rotates through your investments 
  • Provides real-time alerts via notifications 
  • Full customizable interface and options 
  • Real time data for select exchanges 
  • After hours trading support
  • Up-to-date News Feeds & Charts
  • iCloud Synchronization 
  Apple Mac OS X 10.7 
or later compatible
 Network Traffic Stats

mTrafficStats for Mac OSX
Version 1.8
A simple to use traffic monitor that keeps an eye on your bandwidth utilization to help you stay within your provider's usage caps.   

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A simple internet traffic monitor to allow you to keep track of your bandwidth utilization. 
  • Automatically detects and records traffic for Wi-FI and Ethernet interfaces.
  • On screen graphing of interface activity and quota usage.
  • Records activity and allows for monthly and daily graphs of usage.
  • Customizable status bar icon and message.
  • Export historic usage for additional analysis and graphing.

Apple Mac OS X 10.7 
or later compatible
 Portfolio Manager

mPortfolio for Mac OSX
Version 1.7
An easy to use application for creating, managing and tracking stock portfolios. 

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mPortfolio features an initiative single screen layout that lets you quickly visualize investment performance and get details on a selected stock.
  • Track investments from one place
  • Multiple portfolio support
  • Quickly visualize stock performance
  • Keep up to date on company news
  • Research stocks
  • Up-to-date News Feeds
  • Buy, sell, dividends, etc...

  Apple Mac OS X 10.6 
or later compatible